Klein-Spring Montessori Daycare and Preschool
Located in Spring, TX for 35 years.

Preparing Your
Children For Success

Request InformationWhat Is Montessori?

Klein-Spring Montessori Daycare and Preschool
Located in Spring, TX for 35 years.

Preparing Your
Children For Success

At Klein-Spring Montessori School we use the Montessori method of early childhood education to set the right foundation for a child’s love of learning.

Request InformationWhat Is Montessori?

At Klein-Spring Montessori we provide a nurturing environment for children ages 18 months to pre-Kindergarten.
Conveniently located in Spring, TX

Language • Math • Science • Geography • Practical Life • Sensorial • Art • Toddlers • Pre-Kinder • Primary

Fast Facts about Klein-Spring Montessori School

  • Established in 1984
  • Certified / Trained Montessori teachers
  • Consistent and stable learning environment
  • 2 Acre, multi-building Campus
  • Staff with over 15 years tenure
  • Family owned and operated
  • Year-round Montessori program
  • Licensed by the State of Texas
  • Low child to teacher ratio
  • Tree and canopy-shaded playgrounds
  • Warm family-like environment
  • Safe and secure facilities

Are You Looking for Daycare or Preschool in Spring, Texas?

Perhaps you’re looking for more than just a traditional child care facility. Klein-Spring Montessori offers Montessori based educational childcare for children 18 months through Pre-Kindergarten.

What’s the difference between a Montessori school and a traditional child care center?

A Montessori based education helps prepare children for a lifetime of learning and success in school. Children at Klein-Spring Montessori learn to love and care for each other, their environment, and themselves.

Our classrooms include children of different ages because they learn better from their peers. The youngest children in class look up to the oldest children and learn from them. The older children enjoy being the role models and teaching the younger classmates. As the children grow and develop, they are able to do more and in time, the youngest become the oldest in the class and take over the role of leader within their group.

The Montessori method encourages children to explore and learn at their own pace. We have a prepared environment that’s age-appropriate within which the child may choose a work that’s interesting to them. The teacher presents a lesson one on one and the child then works to master that activity. All of our works within the Montessori classroom are designed to teach life skills or educational foundations that the child will build upon over the next years.

The final difference you’ll note is how quiet and peaceful a Montessori environment (classroom) is even when it’s full of children. The kids are actively engaged and learning but they’re very quiet and respectful of their classroom, peers, and teachers.


Thank you for visiting Klein-Spring Montessori School. We appreciate the opportunity to teach and nurture your children. It’s something we love to do and have been doing it for more than 35 years. Come visit our school and see for yourself what makes us special.

– Marc and Sandy Priska; Owners

Marc and Sandy Priska