About Dr. Maria Montessori

A Montessori education is a gift for life.

About Dr. Maria Montessori

A Montessori education is a gift for life.

The child who concentrates is immensely happy. – Dr. Maria Montessori

The Montessori is a method of early childhood education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s.

The Montessori Method is based primarily on the self-directed activity of children, hands-on learning and collaborative play with classmates. Dr. Montessori observed young children and found that they learned much better when they were allowed to explore their environment, move about freely, and choose what they focused on.

At Klein-Spring Montessori School your children are engaged in their learning. They are able to choose the work that is the most interesting to them. The Lead Guide (teacher) gives a one on one lesson the first time the child chooses a new work so that they understand how to do the task. The child can then choose to repeat it as many times as they like, until they feel that they’ve mastered the task.

When we allow a child to learn via the Montessori Method, we’re allowing them to develop independence and self-esteem. They’re able to achieve tasks on their own and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Children are also allowed to fully immerse themselves in a topic they find engaging. The multi-hour work cycle is part of the Montessori Method. This multi-hour cycle allows children the opportunity to spend time to really master a subject rather than have to switch to another subject because the clock says it’s time to switch.

Through the core Montessori curriculum children are taught Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Science, Sensorial and Geography, using hands-on materials.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Maria Montessori and her research, you can find information here.

Dr. Maria Montessor
A Passion for Learning
A Facebook testimonial from one of our parents
“My son has been attending Klein-Spring for almost a year and we love it! The teachers and staff are very caring for all there students. More importantly, my son has developed a passion for learning and telling us all about what he learns in school. Thanks everybody at Klein-spring! I highly recommend!” – Janell G.

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