Is Your Child’s Education Foundation Stable?

What You Should Know About Childcare and Daycare

Consider the planning that goes into a home’s foundation at the beginning of construction. The builders must lay a strong and stable foundation in order to avoid many potential issues that could lead to disaster. Think about it: from leaky pipes and uneven doors, to cracked walls and bowing floors, the integrity of a foundation can affect nearly every aspect of a home.

Like a home, a good education requires a strong foundation

Next, consider the planning most families conduct when deciding where and how to build their child’s education foundation. Many families don’t put much thought into how the childcare or daycare facility they choose affects the educational foundation of their child. People often make their choices based on the aesthetic appeal of the building or its proximity to their home or work.

While these certainly count as important factors, the most important factor involves understanding what contributions the childcare or daycare will make toward building a stable foundation for the child. The environment in which a child first begins his or her learning process will directly influence learning ability and process in the future.

Our Montessori Method daycare builds strong education foundations

Established over 100 years ago in 1907, the Montessori Method today still employs the same effective, strong principles it did during its beginning. Founder, Maria Montessori developed a unique method for building a love of learning and a strong educational foundation for children of all ages. To achieve this, those who use the Montessori Method focus on the strive for independence and the natural curiosity of children by encouraging them to satisfy their curiosity through exploration and self-paced learning. This begins from as young as 18 months and continues adding stability to the cognitive foundation.

Respect represents a key factor Montessori educators use to create an environment where learning can thrive and strong foundations can grow. This concept of respect resonates with all children, even those in the toddler and daycare age groups. This umbrella of respect covers many areas, including:

  • Respect oneself
  • Respect the environment
  • Respect others

This foundation of respect are key components in creating a strong education foundation that will carry children from the childcare setting, into adulthood, and throughout their lives.

Klein-Spring Montessori School provides a pure Montessori experience

At Klein-Spring Montessori, we focus on creating the strongest possible educational foundations for the children in our care and peace-of-mind for their families. In fact, each one of our staff members strives to create an extended family environment where children and their parents feel at home. It’s all about loving and nurturing children from the inside out — the Montessori way.

Building confident children with a lifelong love of learning will change the world! Let your child become part of our extended family and change the world with us by stopping by for a visit, calling us, checking out our Facebook page, or exploring our website.

See for yourself why we’re different. Your child deserves it!