Primary Program

Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computer and Spanish

Primary Program

Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computer and Spanish

Follow the child…teach me to teach myself. – Dr. Maria Montessori

The Montessori Primary Program is a Pre-Kindergarten Program for children 3.5-5 that prepares them for grade school.

In the Primary Program special attention is paid to the following areas; Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computer and Spanish.

What Your Child Learns in Primary

In the Primary program children learn independence, self-awareness, grace, and courtesy and, build their self-confidence in class.

Our older children often become classroom leaders, developing their independence and self-confidence by helping the younger students learn how to do a new work. They also model behavior so that the younger children know how to act within their environment to show self-respect and care for their classroom.

Children are learning about math by baking snack for their friends or working with counting beads. They’re learning sounds and shapes of letters so that they’ll be ready to learn to read and write when they enter elementary school. They learn about the world around them by caring for plants, growing flowers, and more in both the indoor and outdoor environments on campus.

If you’re curious if the Primary Program is the right pre-school option for your child, contact us today.

I Love this School
A Facebook testimonial from one of our teachers
“I love this school. . Not only because I work here but because it is a beautiful place for your kids to come and learn Montessori work. ..I definitely recommend this place.” – Mayra R.

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