importance of preschool education

The importance of preschool education

As parents, we’re faced with what feels like never-ending decisions that need to be made for our children. A big decision for young children is whether or not they’ll go to preschool, and if they go, where will they go. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if preschool even matters for children today. Oh, it does. … Read more

what is the best age for starting Montessori

What is the best age for starting Montessori?

Maybe you think you’d like to send your child to a Montessori daycare or preschool, but you’re not sure what the best age is for starting Montessori. You are not alone. One of the most common questions we get is what is the best age for beginning Montessori? Here’s the thing, there’s no one right … Read more

klein-spring montessori preschool classroom

When should I start looking for preschools?

It can be hard to know when to start looking for preschools, and it can vary depending on where you’re living, but in most cases, 6-12 months ahead of time. It can take a while to find the right preschool for your child, and once you’ve decided where you want to send them, you have … Read more

Prearing for Montessori School - Klein-Spring Montessori Classroom Image

3 Tips to Prepare your child for Montessori School

You’ve decided that Montessori school is right for your child. Congratulations! This is going to be an exciting adventure for them. But, now you may be wondering how to do you best prepare your child for Montessori school. Here are 3 tips to prepare your child for Montessori school. Whether your child has been at … Read more


How structure and routine help kids

  Have you ever wondered what you could do to make life easier with young kids? Probably, haven’t we all wondered that at some point? Here’s the secret, having a structure to your day and maintaining a predictable routine help a ton. Learn why structure & routine are the secret to making life easier with … Read more


What is Learned Behavior and Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever had a moment where your child did something, and it upset you very much? Most, if not all, parents have experienced this at some point in time and generally by age 2-3 years old. It doesn’t take long for our children to learn new things, test them out, and see how we … Read more

klein-spring-montessori family nature walks

Family Time: Take a Nature Walk Together

It’s Spring Break time already! Who’s ready for a fun, family activity? One of our favorite spring activities is a nature walk. You can spend the afternoon together exploring areas near or far. Grab your tennies, a water bottle, and your favorite people, and head outside to explore the great outdoors. How to plan for … Read more


Why less is more when it comes to toys

Have you ever looked at your kids’ playroom or play area and wished you could toss out half of the toys and thought they probably wouldn’t even notice? Many parents have felt overwhelmed by the number of toys in their house. Did you know that it happens to kids too? Yes, kids can be overwhelmed … Read more


Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers to Make

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and it’s the perfect time to change up your craft or activity game a bit and come up with something new. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers to make to help inspire you. We know that it can be hard to … Read more

KSM teacher & kiddo

Keeping kids safe at school during the pandemic

We know that safety is top of mind for parents typically and even more so right now, during the pandemic. At Klein-Spring Montessori, we’re working hard to keep our community safe so the kids can stay in school and have a little more normalcy within a crazy timeframe. Our staff is all masked on campus … Read more


The benefits of being in the classroom, even during a pandemic

As we’re learning to live within this “new normal” of pandemic life, one of the hardest decisions for parents is whether or not to send their children to daycare, preschool, or school in person. We know this is a tough choice for families and probably one you’ve agonized over and maybe even questioned a decision … Read more

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