3 Fun Easter Activities for kids

3 Fun Easter Activities for kids

It’s almost Easter, and if you’ve got young kids, they’re probably getting excited at the thought of the Easter bunny’s visit and candy! What kid doesn’t get excited over candy? Here are three fun Easter activities you can do with your kids now to prepare for the special day.

Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt

We’re switching this one up a bit and rather than doing your Easter egg hunt in the middle of the day, do it in the early evening, after sunset. You could even make it a PJ party Easter egg hunt. Get yourself a package of glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces and snap them to activate and stuff into the eggs with candy or small toys for the kids. Place the glowing eggs all over the yard for the kids to find. Adding the element of glow in the dark makes it more exciting and new for kids of all ages. If you have older kids who want to participate too, consider filling a few of the eggs with money or gift cards they’d love to find.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Most kids love special holiday treats, and even the youngest ones can help make them with you. Search Pinterest for easy kids Easter cupcake ideas and go to town. These Easter baby chickie and bunny cupcakes are easy enough for little kids to help with.

Bake and frost a batch of cupcakes, use spring or Easter cupcake liners to make them even more festive. For the Easter Bunny cupcakes, you’ll need large marshmallows, pink decorating sugar, pink candies of some sort (we used colored sixlets we found at Party City). Slice the marshmallows in half diagonally to create two ears. Dip the cut ends into the pink decorating sugar and place on the frosted cupcake near the top, to be the ears. Add another swirl of frosting to create the nose and place a pink (or whatever color your child loves) candy to create a nose. We kept them super simple so that the littlest ones could do them on their own.

To create the baby chickie cupcakes you’ll need to bake and frost a batch of cupcakes and dye coconut green to serve as your grass. We used robin’s eggs candy for the eggs in the nest and yellow Peeps for the baby chickie. You can use different colors if you want. Have fun with it. Let the kiddos choose the candies, you never know what you’ll end up with, but they’ll have fun!

Easter bunny pancake breakfast

Make a family breakfast together Easter weekend or leading up to Easter. Make differently sized pancakes and stack them on the plate in the form of a bunny. You’ll need one large pancake for the body, a smaller one for the head, two for the feet; you can use another small pancake or whipped cream for the tail. Add some fresh fruit if you want. You can create an upside-down bunny this way or make a bunny face pancake with one large pancake, two small ears, and fruit for the eyes, mouth, and whiskers.

Have fun with your kids as you get ready to celebrate Easter. The holidays can be so much fun for the little ones, and we don’t have to go crazy to make great memories. Sometimes simple activities like an after-dark Easter egg hunt or baking cupcakes together can be the most fun for everyone.



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