3 Fun Weekend Activities (to wear your child out!)


By the time the weekend rolls around, many parents are ready to collapse and relax after a long work week. However, when you have young kids, your weekends often go, go, go. It can be a mix of errands, kids’ activities, birthday parties, and whatever else needs to get done. Rather than stress your way through the weekend, try these three activities that are fun, provide quality family time, and as a bonus, should wear your child out.

Explore the Kids’ Museum

Most larger cities have a kids museum or two. Kids museums are great because they’re engaging, the kids are learning, and they are having fun. They’re able to explore in a safe environment, and most kids museums are geared towards kids under 10, so they’re ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students.

Some children’s museums have dress up areas, artwork stations, book nooks, interactive programs, tree houses to climb, fire trucks to check out, and so much more. Kids can play and learn in a very hands-on way. While they’re having fun, they’re also learning a lot. Spend a few hours in the kids’ museum in your town, play with your kids and see if they make it home before falling asleep in the car.

Visit a New Park

Most young children enjoy going to the park. Kids thrive when they’re able to play outside and breathe in fresh air. When you change it up and go to a new park, it’s even more fun because there’s so much to explore and see for the first time. Children may want to climb more or play longer when it’s somewhere new. Plan an afternoon and take a picnic lunch with you or stop and get take-out somewhere and take it to the park if that sounds better after a long work week. Either way, your kids will have a blast and wear themselves out!

Take a Nature Walk

In Montessori schools students spend a lot of time outside, learning about and enjoying the environment. Children enjoy nature walks as a class. Tiny ones may walk to the far playground and picnic, as they get older, they can go further. If your area has walking paths, parks, or easy hiking trails spend an afternoon exploring. Go rock hunting, look for big sticks, check out the bugs along the route. Your children will have fun, you’ll get to spend time as a family, and they’ll likely be worn out by the end and ready for a nice, long nap!

There are things you can do outside year-round, as long as the weather isn’t too hot or cold. Take advantage of the beautiful days and spend as much time outside as possible. If it’s a rainy day, cover up in rain gear and explore – remember, they’re going to want to jump in the puddles. During the winter you can go sledding or build a snowman.

Spend time together on the weekend doing something fun and active, and you’ll enjoy your time and wear your kids out.

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