How much does Montessori cost?

How much does Montessori cost

Montessori preschool can be an excellent choice for young children, but how much does Montessori cost is one of the most common questions when parents start talking about daycare or preschool options. Montessori school can sometimes cost a bit more than traditional daycare or preschool, but if it’s within your family’s budget, the long-term benefits for your child can be worth the investment.


Montessori Tuition Cost Factors

As with everything, the costs for Montessori tuition will depend upon the cost of living in your local area. One of the biggest costs of operating a Montessori school is the wages paid to staff. Montessori Guides are professional educators who have the specialty training and attend continuing education courses in Montessori education. They’re often certified to work with specific age groups and trained in how to educate young children best.


Montessori Staff

Staff in traditional daycare or preschool settings often earn minimum wage and do not have the in-depth training and education that Montessori Guides have. Due to their additional education and training, Montessori Guides are more similar to school teachers than daycare workers. They are often paid a salary that reflects their credentials and professional status.


Montessori Materials

The other significant cost associated with running a Montessori school is the materials. Materials in a Montessori classroom are specially designed to meet the needs of young children and are often more expensive than the toys and games you might find in a traditional daycare or preschool.


A Montessori environment (classroom) is filled with natural materials, wood cubes to build into towers, counting beads to learn numbers, glass pitchers for pouring, and sandpaper letters to learn phonics and letters; they don’t have toys with batteries or loud noises. They are peaceful classroom environments the children take pride in.


They also generally have child-size wooden tables, chairs, and bookshelves to display the work the children can choose from. Montessori materials often cost more than traditional school supplies, but the quality difference and natural materials (wood, glass, stone) are an important part of Montessori education.


Montessori preschools also often have large outdoor environments. These aren’t just playground areas but sometimes include gardens or outdoor learning areas. This allows children to learn about the world around them and the world within their classroom.


Montessori Tuition Costs

At Klein-Spring Montessori, tuition is anywhere from $900-$1,000 per month, depending on your student’s age and the number of days and hours per day your child is enrolled in a program. The cost of childcare has gone up significantly in recent years. A recent piece in Fortune magazine showed that, on average, childcare costs have increased by 41% since the pandemic. We have not had a price increase in 2 years. According to CNBC, over 9,000 childcare centers closed permanently during the pandemic. We’ve been serving the Spring community for over 38 years. We are proud to be family-owned and operated and have been part of the community for generations, and we look forward to the future.


If you’re considering a Montessori education for your child but are worried about the costs, you can do a few things to help offset the expense. Many employers offer childcare subsidies or reimbursement programs to help with the cost. You can also use a flexible spending account to pay a portion of your tuition with pre-tax dollars to help with costs. We know that childcare costs are a big part of many family budgets, and tuition costs can be important when choosing the right daycare or preschool for your child.


Klein-Spring Montessori in Spring, TX

The benefits of Montessori education can last your child’s entire lifetime. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with us today to learn more about Klein-Spring Montessori.

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