Is Montessori Right for my Child


Choosing the right daycare or preschool is a big decision

How do I decide if Montessori is Right for my Child?

If you’ve read through some of the information on our website or done research about Montessori before you may be trying to decide if it’s the right approach for your child. While we like to think that the simple answer is always yes because we believe so strongly in the value of Montessori education for young children we know not every family will be comfortable following the Montessori Method. Due to this, we want to help you answer the question is Montessori right for my child?

What are the Big Differences I should think about?

When you choose a Montessori program for your child you are choosing a school environment over a more play centered daycare or childcare facility. In Montessori children have lots of free play time, outdoor time, and things of that nature, however, they don’t have access to movies or video games or other electronics during their day (outside of computer class time).

Your child will spend their day drawing, painting, playing outside, riding tricycles, watering plants, sweeping, mopping, washing windows, arranging flowers, or whatever else sounds interesting to them at the time. They can move about from one activity to another freely during the course of the day.

Your child will actively be engaged and learning most of the day.

Your Child May Come Home Covered in Dirt, Paint, Crayons, etc.

This is one of the biggest differences between Montessori and traditional daycare. Your child may come home dirty because they spent time playing outside, planting seeds, watering the flowers they’re caring for or making mud pies with a friend. We encourage children to be active and spend time outdoors every day. Kids need a dose of sunshine and at this age, that often comes with a side of the dirt. We suggest you don’t send them in their Sunday best but rather nice, comfy clothes that they can run, jump, dig, and play in and you can toss in the washer with some stain remover and not worry.

Your child may come home with paint on their hands or legs if they get extra messy working on a painting project. We have smocks they wear when they’re working but little guys spill. It’s just a natural part of life. You may see a few paint spots on them from time to time. It happens. If you can pick up a child who’s got dirt under their nails after school and know they had a great time playing in the dirt today and be ok with a bit of mess then this could be a good fit for your child.

Your child may have their clothes on backward or shoes on the wrong feet

In a Montessori classroom we encourage the children to do as much for themselves as possible and due to this, they will sometimes get it wrong. They may have their shoes on the wrong feet but they’re probably really proud of the fact they got their shoes on all by themselves. Their shorts may be on backward but again, they did it themselves. If you’re OK with letting go of a little control and can accept shorts on backward or shoes on the wrong feet (as long as it’s not hurting them, we watch for that) then you’re in the right place.

How Do I Decide for Sure?

If you’re reading this post and thinking, I’m OK with my child being a little extra dirty today because they planted seeds in the garden or enjoyed playing in the dirt. And you can look at your child with their shorts on backward and know that they’re proud of getting themselves dressed then Montessori is probably a good option for your child. Come to see what it’s all about in person. We’d love to have you visit us at Klein-Spring Montessori and see the kids in action. We think you’ll be happy you came to visit. Contact us today to schedule a tour and then be on the lookout for happily engaged kids who might just be getting a little dirty or wearing their shorts backward. Focus on their smiles and you’ll find your answer.


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