What is the right age to start preschool?


If you have a young child or young children, you’ve probably wondered about preschool, and maybe you’ve wondered what is the right age to start preschool because there aren’t guidelines to tell parents everything.

The Right Age to Start Preschool depends on Your Family

Ultimately, the right age to start preschool will depend on your family and childcare needs. If the parents work full-time, they may need childcare from early on. If a parent stays home or grandparents are retired and caring for the child, preschool may be an extra that’s added on as the child gets older.

Starting Preschool to Prepare for Elementary School

Most children will start preschool a year or two before they begin kindergarten, so they have a chance to learn the basic skills they’ll need to be ready for elementary school. They’ll learn things like how to hold a pencil, cut paper, make friends and work with classmates, and learn how to be OK away from their grownups.

A Montessori Preschool Program

In a Montessori school, our preschool program starts at age 3 when children enter the Primary classroom. Can children start at 4, but we find they benefit the most from beginning Primary at age three and having the entire three-year experience.

The Montessori Primary Preschool Program

Our Primary children spend three years in the same classroom environment with the same Guides (teachers) who get to know them, work with them, encourage them, and have the chance to watch them grow and develop over three years. The stability helps the children flourish. Because they spend three years in the same classroom, they are with children who are their age, older, and younger all at the same time. Children learn so much from their peers. It’s amazing to watch how they help each other learn and grow.

Benefits of Preschool

Children will benefit from any amount of preschool. If your child is four and only has a year before school starts, it’s not too late. Preschool provides children a chance to prepare for elementary school. But if you have the time to allow your child to attend a complete three-year Montessori program, they will benefit so much.

If you’re curious about our Primary program or Montessori preschool, please contact us today to learn more. We’d love to have you visit us and see if Klein-Spring Montessori is the right choice for your family.


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