The importance of preschool education

difference between preschool and montessori

As parents, we’re faced with what feels like never-ending decisions that need to be made for our children. A big decision for young children is whether or not they’ll go to preschool, and if they go, where will they go. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if preschool even matters for children today. Oh, it does. The importance of preschool education should not be downplayed. It’s much more than just a chance to learn the ABCs or 123. Did you know that 90% of a child’s brain development happens before age 6? It does.

Preschool helps children learn to interact with other kids & adults

Being in a preschool classroom environment on their own allows children to learn to manage peer-to-peer behaviors and develop bonds with other adult caregivers. From a social-emotional development standpoint, it’s very important and will enable children to start to grow, develop, and become the person they’re meant to be.

Young children in preschool often find it easier to make friends and interact socially than children who stay at home because they’re used to getting to know other kids and playing with them. They also sometimes have an easier time adjusting to babysitters. Ultimately, when it’s time to start kindergarten, they have an easier transition because they’re used to being in a classroom with a teacher and other kids.

Preschool teaches kids the skills they’re going to need in elementary school

One of the most significant benefits to preschool education is that you know your child will learn the skills they’ll need to feel comfortable and be ready to learn when they start kindergarten. They’ll know how to hold scissors to cut paper; they’ll know how to hold their pencil and crayons and more. It will be an easier transition for them because they’ll be more used to the environment. It won’t be a huge change for them all at once, even if it’s a new school.

Hopefully, they’ll make friends quickly because they do not have to focus on basic skills and can instead focus on the social and emotional side of things and make friends, have fun, and explore their new classroom.

Preschool Helps children develop independence

When children are in a preschool classroom with other children and their teachers, they have to learn to do things themselves. The teacher can’t do everything for each child as much as they might want to. Children benefit greatly from this additional independence.

You can help your child become more independent in age-appropriate ways by letting them do as much as possible for themselves. Simple things like making sure they can reach the clothes in their closets, allowing them to choose their clothing, having step stools so they can reach to get items they need, having designated places for their shoes or backpacks so they can get them when it’s time to go all help children become more independent in safe ways.

We understand the importance of balancing social interactions, being able to function in a community, and building independence, so they are able to work on their own. We encourage and foster the development of the whole child. 90% of a child’s brain development occurs before age 6. We believe this makes preschool critically important for young children.  If you’re ready to find a preschool for your child, we’d love to meet with you. Klein-Spring Montessori has been serving the families of Spring, TX, for more than 35 years. Come find out why so many area families trust us.


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