screen time

How to Manage Screen Time Limits with Kids

Screen time. It can be both the favorite and least favorite phrase of today’s parenthood. Screens are everywhere, and due to this, our kids are, in many instances, staying put in one place more than we ever did as kids. Do you remember your mom pushing you out the door in the morning and saying, … Read more

angry child

How to teach a child to control anger and stop temper tantrums

Temper tantrums. They’re one of the least favorite things most parents of young children deal with, and most kids have them at least occasionally. Tantrums are frustrating to deal with; they can set your day off and into a downward spiral. There are ways you can reduce the number of tantrums your child has. Most … Read more

kid sleeping

How Much Sleep do Young Kids Need?

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly how much sleep little kids need? Most parents have, especially on the nights the kids seem to refuse sleep outright. It can be frustrating and exhausting to have a child who’s not sleeping through the night. Every parent knows what it feels like to be outright exhausted due … Read more


Creating an Evening Routine You Love

Does the thought of dinner, bath, storytime, and finally getting the kids to bed at night make you want to pull your hair out or, better yet, plan dinner with friends so you can skip it all? The evening routine can be rough when you’ve got little kids. It can be even harder when both … Read more

morning routine 1

Creating a Morning Routine You Love

Have you ever arrived at work in the morning and felt like you’d already fought a war and lost? Do you find yourself stressed out or yelling, “brush your teeth,” “get in the car,” or whatever other task needs to be done at least 100 times? Does it seem like it might be easier to … Read more

teaching respect

Teaching Children Respect by Example

Teaching children to be respectful can seem scary, but really, it’s very straightforward and easy to do. Children are like little sponges. They watch and soak in everything we do. When we treat them and others with respect, children see that and take it in. The best way to teach children respect is by example. … Read more

toys blocks

3 Playroom Organization Tips for You

Have you ever looked at your playroom and thought it might be easier to toss everything and start over? Haven’t we all? Playrooms can be great. They can also be an awful mess. Here are three playroom organization tips to make it easier for everyone. Limit the number of toys Yeah, it may seem crazy, … Read more


3 Easy Habits for a Healthy New Year

The New Year. A time for new habits, new routines, resolutions, and more. Most people start off January with a bang. They commit to change their workout routine, their diet, their relationships, and whatever else is bothering them. However, those habits are often quickly forgotten, and they return to their regular routines. If you want … Read more


Helping Children Process Emotions: Sadness

Children sometimes need help learning how to process emotions. We are used to working through anger with them, helping ourselves by limiting tantrums and outbursts, but have you thought about how to help children process sadness? The holiday season can be full of happy memories, family visits, and new gifts, but there can be sad … Read more


Finding Your Routine Again After Break

The holidays, vacation, whatever the reason, taking a break from everyday life can be so fun and refreshing, but the return to a regular schedule can be tough, especially on young children. During a vacation or break period, the rules are often relaxed. Maybe bedtime is later (or non-existent), maybe meals aren’t planned out in … Read more


Our Favorite Montessori Friendly Kitchen Tools

It’s fall. The season of pumpkin spice and soon it will be the holidays. This time of year we often want to bake more and find ways to include the kids. When children have the right size tools to use, they can help bake treats or prepare holiday meals for the family. We love having … Read more


5 Books for Young Kids

Reading to young children benefits them in so many ways. We know this. However, reading the same book night after night after night can get boring for mom or dad so we’ve compiled a list of 5 books for young children that you might not have read yet. These books are all for toddlers and … Read more