Our Favorite Montessori Friendly Toys

The holidays are coming, and for many of us, that means we’re thinking about new toys for our children or grandchildren. It can be hard to figure out what to buy for kids when it feels like they already have everything or you don’t want a million more toys in the house. Here’s a list … Read more

About KSMS

Klein-Spring Montessori, a Montessori Preschool Near Me

Klein-Spring Montessori is a Montessori Preschool for children 16 months and walking independently to pre-kindergarten. Visit us today to learn about our preschool programs and see if we are the right fit for your family. If you want a Montessori preschool near me, we’re right here in Spring and have been for 35 years. We’d … Read more

raise thankful kids

Raising Thankful Kids

As parents, we hear the words spoiled and entitled, and most of us think, “That’s not how I want my kids to turn out.” We want our children to be kind, loving, caring members of society. We want to raise thankful children. How do we manage to raise thankful children instead of entitled or spoiled … Read more


Modeling Grace and Courtesy Lessons at Home

In a Montessori classroom, we include Grace and Courtesy lessons that help the children learn how to take care of their environment and how to treat others. Children learn how to walk through the classroom environment without bumping into tables or classmates. They learn how to handle breakable objects and treat them with care so … Read more


Kid-Friendly Halloween Activities

It’s early October, Halloween is almost here. It’s fall. The season of pumpkin spice everything. If you’re looking for fun Halloween activities you can do with your kids, we’ve got three great ideas for you! Visit a Pumpkin Patch Spend the day at the pumpkin patch as a family. Walk around, explore, choose your pumpkins, … Read more


You Can Have a Screen-Free Summer

Screens aren’t the enemy. Excessive screen time is. One of the harder parts of summer for many parents is keeping the kids occupied all day long, all week and all weekend. We’re used to the kids being in school during the week and when they’re suddenly home seven days, not two we have to get … Read more


3 Great Day Trips to Take This Summer

Sometimes you want to get away, but you don’t have time for a big vacation. In those instances, a day trip is a perfect solution. Here are three great day trips to take this summer and the best part it’s they’re all within 3 hours of Houston. You can go early in the morning and … Read more


How to Travel With Kids and Enjoy Yourself

Summer vacation. It’s something we look forward to and also kind of dread at the same time because traveling with kids can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways you can travel with kids and enjoy yourself too. It’s all about preparation and having entertainment options ready for the kids. If … Read more


3 Fun Activities for Summer

Just like that, summer’s here. Doesn’t it feel like it came fast this year? It feels like we were just enjoying Spring Break, and now the school year is winding down, and the kids are going to be home for the summer. Maybe you’re like a lot of parents, and you’re starting to wonder what … Read more

comforting child

Tips to Reduce the Tears and Tantrums

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you felt like it was a battle just getting the kids out the door? One of those days where they hate everything and don’t want to go to school? Suddenly pizza lunch is the worst idea ever, soccer day sounds awful, they don’t like their teacher, … Read more

3 Fun Easter Activities for kids

3 Fun Easter Activities for kids

It’s almost Easter, and if you’ve got young kids, they’re probably getting excited at the thought of the Easter bunny’s visit and candy! What kid doesn’t get excited over candy? Here are three fun Easter activities you can do with your kids now to prepare for the special day. Glow in the dark Easter Egg … Read more

cooking with kids

Montessori at Home: Cooking and Baking with Kids

The thought of cooking or baking with your toddler or preschooler might sound crazy, but it’s a great way to bond and help them learn and can be a lot of fun for both the parents and the kids. The key to making it a fun activity rather than a big enormous stress mess is … Read more