The benefits of being in the classroom, even during a pandemic


As we’re learning to live within this “new normal” of pandemic life, one of the hardest decisions for parents is whether or not to send their children to daycare, preschool, or school in person. We know this is a tough choice for families and probably one you’ve agonized over and maybe even questioned a decision you made earlier.

While it may feel safer to keep your kids at home with you, it can also be much more challenging because your kids are home with you. If you’re working and taking care of your kids, you’re being asked to do two full-time roles, which is nearly impossible for anyone. Even if you’re not working, you’re at home with your kids; you have long days to fill.

If you’ve been working with the kids by your side this whole time, you’ve probably figured out a schedule and routine that works ok for you, but you’re also likely burnt out. This isn’t a situation any of us expected to be in for this long when it started in March.

If you aren’t working now but are home with the kids, maybe you’re struggling with filling the days or being their only playmate or feeling like you don’t have a moment to yourself.

Maybe you’re thinking how much easier things would be for you if the kids were back in childcare, but then you feel guilty even thinking that. But the reality is, the kids might be happier if they were back in childcare and around their friends again. It’s not that they don’t love you and your time together, but they need to be around children their ages and in their classroom environment.

Since you’ve been home together, have you noticed changes in your child’s behavior since they’ve been home and isolated from friends and classmates? Many parents have. Maybe there are behavior issues. Some children are acting out. Others are showing signs of depression. The pandemic isolation is impacting even preschoolers.

Like adults, kids need to be part of a community and when they’re home with us full-time and they’re not used to that, they miss their routines, their classroom environment, their friends. The world changed overnight for all of us, our kids included. Many of our children left school one night and never went back. They didn’t see their teachers or friends again for weeks, months, or still haven’t.

While it can feel scary to send children to childcare during a pandemic, it gives them a bit of stability and normalcy again in their routine. They find joy in learning and playing with friends too. They start to light up again if they weren’t for a while. Kids need routine. They thrive on a routine. Going to school or daycare provides children with that routine they need and allows them to socialize with their peers again. If you’re thinking it might be time for the kids to start back to school, contact us today. We have a few openings starting in January.


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