What age does Montessori Start?

what age does montessori start

If you’re considering Montessori for your child, you’re probably trying to determine when to enroll them. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering what age does Montessori start or even what’s the best age to start Montessori. Technically, you can start Montessori when your child is an infant, toddler, or preschooler and the best age is the one that’s best for your family. At Klein-Spring Montessori, our students join us at 16 months or older as long as they’re walking. Some students join us as soon as they’re old enough, while others wait and start at 2 or 3.


Are there benefits to starting Montessori earlier?

There are definitely benefits to starting Montessori as a toddler. When you start at 16 or 18 months, your child can begin learning age-appropriate independence and forming bonds with their guides (teachers) earlier. One of the great things about Montessori is that your child stays in the same classroom environment with the same guides for a longer period than in traditional daycare or preschool.


At Klein-Spring Montessori, our toddlers join us at 16 months or older, as long as they’re walking independently, stay in the toddler classroom until they turn three, and are ready to transition to our Primary classroom, where they’ll stay until they go to Kindergarten. A child starting Klein-Spring at 16 or 18 months will spend time in only two classrooms and with two main teachers before leaving us to start Kindergarten around age 5. This consistency helps the children build bonds with their caregivers and their classmates.


What if my child is already 3 or 4? Will they still benefit from starting Montessori?

Of course! Some children join our class at 3 or 4, and they still benefit greatly from a Montessori preschool education. Your child will learn their ABCs and 123s like traditional preschools. Still, they’ll also learn about working as a group and social-emotional learning; they’ll spend lots of time outside playing and learning both and develop age-appropriate independence with the guidance of their Montessori Guides (teachers).


What age is the best for starting Montessori?

This is a question that only your family can answer. Montessori is great no matter when your child starts; they’ll learn so much in their time with us. Choosing to start as a Toddler or waiting to start when they’re in Primary is truly up to the family. We know that each situation is different. Some families need full-time childcare and extended hours because both caregivers work full-time. Other families are looking for a part-time option for their children because they need socialization and the chance to learn how to be away from their parents to prepare them for elementary school.


There is no right or wrong age to start Montessori. You can start at the time that’s best for your family. If you’re interested in learning more about Klein-Spring Montessori, please get in touch with us today to schedule a visit. We’d love to have your child join us when you’re ready.

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