Toddler Program

Our Montessori Toddler program covers the first half of a child’s most important years from 16 to 35 months. We welcome our youngest students into our school family and help them transition from being at home to being part of a school community while providing a safe and loving environment.

Here, they begin to bond with their Montessori Teachers and classmates. They are encouraged to be independent, confident, and self-aware individuals based on their age and personal development. The children spend their day learning, exploring, and playing, while developing gross and fine motor skills, verbal, social and self-care skills in a safe, age-appropriate classroom environment.

Montessori is a proven method of learning from infant to high school. The most sensitive period of learning is birth to age 6.  90% of a child’s brain development occurs during this time. 

Your Toddler’s Day in a Montessori Classroom

In a Montessori classroom (or prepared environment), child centered learning is under the supervision of a Lead Montessori Teacher and Assistant teachers. The children choose from a variety of age-appropriate works that are at their eye level. The teachers provide one on one instruction as well as group lessons. Children will revisit materials to demonstrate a mastery of skills.  

The Montessori method encourages children to have ownership over their environment by allowing them to participate in music and movement, puzzles, Spanish, creative arts and many other enrichment activities. Each classroom has an outdoor environment where children can play on playground equipment, ride tricycles, use a low balance beam, plant flowers, water plants, and many other activities. 


The Montessori toddler schedule includes a morning work cycle where the children have time to explore their indoor and outdoor environments and choose the works that are the most appealing to them. They work on potty learning, have morning and afternoon snack together in and come together for lunch as a group each day. The children help set up for lunch and clean up after the meal before preparing for nap. They have several free playtime periods each day too because we know, play is the work of childhood. Children learn from play. 

We'd Love to Meet You!

If you would like to learn more about our toddler program for children 16 – 35 months please contact us today to schedule a tour of our campus.  We’d love to meet you and your child.