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I Absolutely Love this School

"This is my daughter’s first year here and being as picky as I am, I can honestly say I have not found a better school for my 2 year-old! I absolutely LOVE this school, the staff, the teachers, and the environment they have created. I have nothing but good to say about KSMS! I highly recommend this facility!”

Jessica C. – Spring, TX


Blessed Beyond Words

“I love this school! I have been in this field for 33 years and this school is a rare find. All the staff are dedicated to this field which makes them have a true love for what they do. I feel very privileged to work with each of them and BLESSED BEYOND WORDS that my grandchildren are enrolled here!”

Tammy Y. – Spring, TX


I Can’t Imagine a Better Place

"My kiddos are currently enrolled at KSMS and have been there over a year. I cannot imagine a better place for them at this time of their life for education and physical well-being. The teachers, helpers and directors are friendly and nurturing and know everyone by name. The hours work great for our work schedules. I only wish they went beyond pre-k!"

Mia G. – Spring, TX


Reading Within Two Weeks

“My son attended K.S.M.S from ages 2-5 and loved it! The teachers, staff, Ms. Yolanda, Sandy, Mark and Barbara all made him feel like he was part of their family. I am glad we found this school, because I feel it gave him a wonderful foundation for learning. His first year of kindergarten he was reading within 2 weeks! I attribute this to K.S.M.S. having him prepared. Fast forward 8 years… he is an all “A” honor student, and has excelled in many areas. I believe his experience at K.S.M.S encouraged his love of learning at an early age. The “hands-on approach of Montessori and making learning fun is so much better than rote memorization! Thank you to all of K.S.M.S for taking good care of my little boy!”

Amy W. – Spring, TX


Best Education thru Pre-School

“We would like to highly recommend KSMS to any parents looking for a place to send their kids for the best education thru pre-school. Our son just started kindergarten this year and we were so sad he had to leave. He is so far ahead of what is being taught to him now and it’s all because of the amazing teachers here! Thanks to all the teachers and Mrs Sandy and Mr Mark for such an amazing Montessori school!”

Jessica A. – Spring, TX


A Passion for Learning

“My son has been attending Klein-Spring for almost a year and we love it! The teachers and staff are very caring for all there students. More importantly, my son has developed a passion for learning and telling us all about what he learns in school. Thanks everybody at Klein-spring! I highly recommend!”

Janell G. – Spring, TX


Home Away from Home

“Not only am I proud to be a teacher at this amazing school but I am blessed to be a parent with a child attending too. There is no better testimonial than to know how things run behind the scenes and to still know and trust my child is in the best hands possible. This school is truly a “home away from home!”

Tara S. – Spring, TX


Sugar Bugs Hide in Your Tongue

“Great school! My son went there before he went to elementary school and my daughter goes there now. I’ve always been impressed with the level of commitment from the school’s owners. They are always looking for ways to make things exciting for the kids and it really makes a difference. I was so impressed when my little girl came home from KSMS one day and was so eager to brush her teeth! She even brushed her tongue because “the sugar bugs like to hide in your tongue”. I would definitely recommend this preschool to anyone looking in the area. I have nothing but praise for this school!”

Nancy G. – Spring, TX


A Special Place In My Heart

“This school holds a very special place in my heart. My son started here when he was 4, my daughter was just shy of 2 years old. We’ve been here 2 years now, and both of my kids have had amazing teachers and wonderful experiences! I feel confident when I drop them off in the morning that they are in amazing hands–the teachers and staff truly care about each child. The Montessori experience is such a wonderful foundation for learning. Awesome teachers, awesome owners and staff, awesome classrooms…just awesome all the way around!”

Britni S-W. – Spring, TX


A Million Stars

“I would give this school a million stars if I could. My twins have been enrolled for several months now and the have become more disciplined, caring and educated. When we toured the school we noticed everything, including the toys, had an educational purpose. The head teacher, Ms. Louisa and Sandy, the owner, work with us and guide us on age appropriate functions like “lets start moving them toward drinking from cups” and they show us how with kindness. They make you feel so good about leaving your kids with them every day. I honestly feel my twins are loved by Ms. Louisa, Ms. Annette, Ms. Sandy and all of the other staff. They are a breath of fresh air.”

Kerry F. – Spring, TX


I Love this School

“I love this school. Not only because I work here but because it is a beautiful place for your kids to come and learn Montessori work. I definitely recommend this place.”

Mayra R. – Spring, TX


Truly the Best

“My daughter has been going to Klein-Spring Montessori for 2 years and absolutely loves it! She’s learned so many incredible skills and the staff are truly the best!”

Paris R. – Spring, TX

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