Keeping kids safe at school during the pandemic

KSM teacher & kiddo

We know that safety is top of mind for parents typically and even more so right now, during the pandemic. At Klein-Spring Montessori, we’re working hard to keep our community safe so the kids can stay in school and have a little more normalcy within a crazy timeframe.

Our staff is all masked on campus at all times. Our classroom sizes are reduced from our standard capacity, so the kids have space to move around and work this year. There are spaces marked on the floors for the kids to choose where they want to work and remain safe.

We do temperature checks on the staff and the students before entering the building each morning and throughout the day. We spend as much time outside as possible and are having lessons and playtime both outside.

The kids are washing hands frequently throughout the day, and we’re sanitizing works in between each use.

We know it’s a hard decision whether or not to send your children to childcare or school right now, and it’s one that each family needs to make for themselves. If you think it might be time to send them back to school, we want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe when they’re with us. We’re following state health department guidelines and following CDC recommendations for daycare centers and preschools.

We can’t guarantee there won’t be a case within the community, but to date, we’ve had two, and they were at the very beginning of the pandemic before we knew about the importance of masking. By working together and staying home when someone in the family has any symptoms of covid (and not returning until there’s a negative test), keeping kids home if there’s potential exposure (until verified with a negative test), and quarantining if someone does test positive we are working hard to keep covid-19 out of the school environment so the kids remain safe & happy and it’s easier for the parents to work without juggling everything at home.

If you’ve been thinking about coming back or joining the Klein-Spring Montessori family but weren’t sure because of covid-19, call us at 281-370-5001 today and ask. We would love to chat with you about our policies and procedures and help you decide what’s best for your family. We have a few spaces left for students to join us. We’d love to help your family navigate this uncertain time a little bit easier by providing the structure and safety the kids need right now.



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