How do you find the right preschool in Spring,TX?


Is it time for your little one to start preschool, and do you find yourself wondering how you find the right one for them? It’s such a simple question, but the answer can be tough to make as a parent. If you’re looking for a preschool in Spring, TX, we’d love to have you check out Klein-Spring Montessori. We are a Montessori school for children ages 16 months to 6 years old, and we’ve served the Spring, TX area for more than 35 years. We’re family-owned and operated and love being part of the Spring community.

How do you find the right preschool?

When you’re looking for a preschool for your child, you’ll probably want to answer some questions, visit locations, and consider your options before making a final decision.

What questions should you consider when choosing a preschool for your child?

  • Do you want your child to attend preschool part-time or full-time?
  • Do you want them to go several days a week or 5 days a week?
  • Do you need extended care hours due to your work schedule?
  • Where do you want the preschool to be located? Is it important to be close to either home or work?
  • What type of curriculum do you want your child to learn?
  • What are the student/teacher ratios in the preschools?
  • Do you want your child’s preschool to have a large outdoor area and playground?

There will likely be other questions, but those may help you get started.

You’ll probably want to speak with friends and family in the area and ask about their experiences with local preschools. Sometimes the best insight we can get is from someone whose child attends or has attended a preschool. They’ve got the inside scoop on the school and administration. Ask questions – what did they like, what didn’t they like, would they recommend the preschool now? You’ll learn a lot this way. If you don’t have friends or family with preschool-aged children in your area, consider asking parenting or local community groups on social media.

What to look for when you tour preschools

When the time comes to visit the preschools on your list, you’ll want to spend a bit of time looking around to see if the kids and staff seem happy, how the staff is engaging with the children in their care, how the kids respond to one another, this will help you get an overall feel for the preschool. You’ll want to see the classrooms and playground areas and ask about the daily schedule, so you know what your child will experience if you enroll them.

Taking the time to research and tour preschools should help you find the right one for your family. If you’re looking for a preschool in Spring, TX, we’d love to have you contact us to ask about our Primary program for kids ages 3-6. Our Toddler program is for kids ages 16 months – 3 years old if you have a younger child. See why families in the Spring area have chosen Klein-Spring Montessori for their children for more than 35 years. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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