Parenting Tips

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When should I start looking for preschools?

It can be hard to know when to start looking for preschools, and it can vary depending on where you’re living, but in most cases, 6-12 months ahead of time. It can take a while to find the right preschool for your child, and once you’ve decided where you want to send them, you have … Read more


How structure and routine help kids

  Have you ever wondered what you could do to make life easier with young kids? Probably, haven’t we all wondered that at some point? Here’s the secret, having a structure to your day and maintaining a predictable routine help a ton. Learn why structure & routine are the secret to making life easier with … Read more


What is Learned Behavior and Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever had a moment where your child did something, and it upset you very much? Most, if not all, parents have experienced this at some point in time and generally by age 2-3 years old. It doesn’t take long for our children to learn new things, test them out, and see how we … Read more

About Us

Klein-Spring a Montessori Daycare near Me

Klein-Spring Montessori is a Montessori Daycare for children 16 months and walking independently. Visit us today to learn about our toddler program and see if it’s the right fit for your family. At Klein-Spring Montessori school, we teach young children to love learning. Everything they do at Klein-Spring Montessori prepares them for the world around … Read more

How to Manage Screen Time Limits with Kids

Screen time. It can be both the favorite and least favorite phrase of today’s parenthood. Screens are everywhere, and due to this, our kids are, in many instances, staying put in one place more than we ever did as kids. Do you remember your mom pushing you out the door in the morning and saying, … Read more

How Much Sleep do Young Kids Need?

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly how much sleep little kids need? Most parents have, especially on the nights the kids seem to refuse sleep outright. It can be frustrating and exhausting to have a child who’s not sleeping through the night. Every parent knows what it feels like to be outright exhausted due … Read more

Creating an Evening Routine You Love

Does the thought of dinner, bath, storytime, and finally getting the kids to bed at night make you want to pull your hair out or, better yet, plan dinner with friends so you can skip it all? The evening routine can be rough when you’ve got little kids. It can be even harder when both … Read more

Creating a Morning Routine You Love

Have you ever arrived at work in the morning and felt like you’d already fought a war and lost? Do you find yourself stressed out or yelling, “brush your teeth,” “get in the car,” or whatever other task needs to be done at least 100 times? Does it seem like it might be easier to … Read more

Teaching Children Respect by Example

Teaching children to be respectful can seem scary, but really, it’s very straightforward and easy to do. Children are like little sponges. They watch and soak in everything we do. When we treat them and others with respect, children see that and take it in. The best way to teach children respect is by example. … Read more

3 Playroom Organization Tips for You

Have you ever looked at your playroom and thought it might be easier to toss everything and start over? Haven’t we all? Playrooms can be great. They can also be an awful mess. Here are three playroom organization tips to make it easier for everyone. Limit the number of toys Yeah, it may seem crazy, … Read more